Extension and Culture

Extension and Culture Groups

Regarding extension and culture, the Polytechnic School has several programs and projects which make possible strengthening bounds between this institution and the society.


About us

Poli Júnior is located in the very building of Polytechnic School of the University of Sao Paulo, in the Cidade Universitária, which is one of the most recognized institutions in the world. We develop solutions to your project in a customized way, aiming to attend your need and building a close relationship. We have an history of successful projects among many engineering areas, what give us the foundations to guide our activities.
You can found us at the Mechanical Engineering building, where we can arrange meetings to discuss and understand your project. Our office has all the physical and technological infrastructe needed to the members of our team to perform their tasks. In this way, using the proper resources, we can connect kwnoledge, strategy, information and data to create, develop and solve. Keeping in mind that the pursuit of low costs is one of our main goals

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SEMM – Semana de Estudos Mínero-Metalúrgicos (Week of Mining and Metalurgical Studies)

About us

SEMM is one of the most traditional events of Poli. For more than five decades, undergraduate students yearly organize a week full of activities, exalting the pride of the mining and metalurgical sectors. There are lectures and workshops conducted by industry professionals, talks regarding relevant topics to the sector and guided tours to main companies. All of this to provide the participants the maturity of their network and the relationship with the industry, besides opening the minds of future engineers to new topics and points of view. In other words, the SEMM invests in the biggest asset an engineer has: his mind and network!

CRM – Centro Moraes Rego

About us

Centro Moraes Rêgo (CMR) is the academy center of Material/Metalurgical, Mining and Petroleum Engineering of Polytechnic School of the university of Sao Paulo. Our main objectives are to represent the students interest before the Head Office and others Academy Centers, to provide to the students a pleasant lounge to meet new people, besides academically assisting our students.